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YouTube SEO: The Advanced Guide [#1 Video Ranking]

How To Rank YouTube VideosWhen you are thinking about ranking a video on YouTube, you may ask yourself,

What YouTube actually is regarding SEO and why do you need to do YouTube SEO?

And how about grabbing traffic from this search engine which has more than 30 million visitors per day!

Trust me we can have our hands on a big number visitors as it is a VAST resource of traffic.

Listen? If you are looking for some actionable strategies that you can use on YouTube, Then you’ll love this infographic.
YouTube SEO Infographic
Infographic By SEO Hacker & BlogRex

I’m gonna share my secret strategies, which I use to rank my YouTube videos.

So, Let’s dive in without waiting anymore.

Find Video Keywords

Step #1
Find Video Keywords

Just as in the case of Blogging, Keyword Research is critical.

You need to fill up your buckets with high-quality Keywords before thinking about ranking a YouTube video.

Now your minds still might be at:

“What are these Video Keywords?” Right ! Wait, Let me clear this…

When we search simple keywords, we get ranked websites in SERPs. But for some of the keywords, we get “Videos” in SERPs more than written content. And these are “Video Keywords.”

Not clear yet? Take a look at this:

Video Keywords
Video Keywords

Can You Guess a few Video Keywords?

Let me help you out:

In general, Google tends to display video results for these types of keywords:

  • Keywords starting with “How To.”
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Keywords with the word “Video.”
  • Songs/Movies

Now, Why am I telling you all this? Is it even worth to read?

Trust Me: If you are a quick planner, you might have started your keyword research right now as I have told you the seeds to sow.

But for now, just walk with me to discover even more interesting and valuable info about YouTube SEO and video ranking.

Let’s move ahead to know more about why do we need video keywords.

Just suppose that you have ranked your video on YouTube, and what if the user is searching keyword related to your topic on Google?

If you’ll make a proper use of video keywords to rank your video, you’ll get traffic from both YouTube as well as Google…

Our next concern is:

How To Find These Keywords?

It’s very simple in fact. Just search your niche by using general video keywords mentioned above like how to, tutorials and topical videos, etc. And if videos are appearing in SERPs.

BOOM: You have got your keyword! And sure, now you can do in-depth research to estimate search volume and keyword competitions.

It’s time to make a video now. Going to edit one Or making a new of your own, It’s all on you…

Are you done with your video making?

Now let’s move on to optimize it.

Video Optimization

Step #2
Video Optimization

I am sure you are done with keyword research and video making! Or at least, have made a plan to do this.

Let’s move on to tell the google and YouTube that your content, in fact, the video is live.

Follow the steps like I use to do…

Change the name of the video to your keyword like “How To Rank YouTube Videos by simply doing right click on the video and using “Rename” option.

Then go to the properties, again by just doing right click and reaching “properties” on the menu. Or just leave it and watch this video.

Now go to the “Details” tab and fill all the boxes with the name of your video.

It is time to upload the video now, open your channel and use the option for uploading while taking care of the below-mentioned things.

#1 Keyword at The Starting of Video’s Title

Like, If my keyword is “How To Rank YouTube Videos.“

And I made my post title as “YouTube SEO – The Simple Hacks To Rank YouTube Videos”.

The post title is done.

#2 Description

Now comes the description.

Just write 100-150 words about your video in description tab.

Don’t forget to use your keyword in starting of Description.

Just… Like I did.

“Are you looking for best YouTube SEO Guide? Here is the best tutorial on How To Rank YouTube Videos”.

Hack: Must Add “Subscribe Our Channel For More Videos”.

Also add your Facebook Page, Google+ Account, YouTube Channel, Twitter account link.

It will boost your ranking.

One More Hack: Maintain a proper interlinking process for your videos.

Done up to this point? Let’s move towards the Tags now…

#3 Tags

Fill the tags with your relevant keyword…

Pro TIP: Add 4-5 Channel names in tags related to your niche.

Note: Select only high authority channels…

And BOOM: It’s all done here! Now publish the video, wait, and watch, and have fun…

Oh, wait for that bonus trick!

Share your video on Google+ communities and other social media sites just like simple post sharing.

Because Social Signals are the Best Rank Booster for YouTube.

YouTube Ranking Factors

YouTube Ranking Factors
Source: TagSEO

How To Rank YouTube Videos

If you really want to rank your videos on #1 then pay more attention to:

  • Titles – Create eye-catching titles that raise the reader’s interest. You only have one chance to make a great first impression.
  • Description – Write at least 200 words of unique, descriptive wording. I love to summarize what the video is about.
  • Tags – Pick tags that will help bring people to your site and are relevant.
  • Quality – Try to publish unique and quality video content. This prompts users to come to your site because they cannot easily find the content elsewhere.
  • Freshness – If you are publishing content that does not age or becomes outdated, that’s great.

Wrapping it Up

So, It was YouTube SEO in my words. Hope you enjoyed your time here.

If something is still missing, must comment for feedback and suggestions.

And Don’t forget to share, if you think it can be helpful for others.

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