Google Adsense Approval Within 2 Days (2017 Updated)

Are you looking forward to earning from ads and, not getting Google Adsense Approval? Don’t worry!

You are not alone, and I am going to tell you where exactly the problem is.

Back there, it was easy to get our Google Adsense account approved.

But then, Google Adsense changed their policies.

Our biggest problem is that we apply for Adsense without understanding their relevant terms and policies.

Before moving on, here is a Bonus Learning Tip by BlogRex:

Today we are reading about a kind of approval process.

So whenever you start reading something like this, remember that there are always some things which are compulsory.

These should be the first priority.

Then there are the things which will make the approval much easier.

These are the second priority.

Not clear what I have just said? Don’t worry. I’ll make this Adsense guide, a perfect example to clear your concepts.

Just like I have mentioned in my learning tip, there are certain checks to make before applying.

Yes! You are right…

The necessary things Google needs to get your Adsense approved. And, what are these? I’ll share exactly what Google says, nothing from my side.

The first check is to know:

Are you even eligible for Google Adsense?

Eligibility criteria are very simple.

In answer to this question, Google Team asks you to answer the following issues:

  • Do you have a website?

I mean, of course, you should have one. Done!

  • Are you at least 18 years old?

Google requires you to be simply 18+ done?

  • Does your site comply with our program policies?

You don’t need to dive deep into this question as I’ll take care of that. Just thoroughly read this guide, and you will be good to go. I have done the tedious research work for you.

If you still want to check, here are these.

  • Has your site been active for at least six months?

Site age has been a criterion for Google Adsense Approval, but it is not that much anymore.

Just pay attention to site quality, as I’ll describe further in this article, and you’ll be all set even if your site is a few days old.

Actually, Google applies this condition for some specific countries like India, China and sure Pakistan, etc.

But it is not that compulsory if we have a quality site.

How can I say confidently…!

A few weeks ago, I attended a seminar conducted by Google Adsense Team in Pakistan.

I asked the AdSense’s representative “Why do you have 6 months’ site age limit for us?”

His answer was:

“Hello, Brother! It is not like that anymore.

If you can develop the high-quality website with unique and informative content and can attract the impressive amount of organic visitors like 10k a month.

You are safe to apply for no matter how new your site is.”

Site age has been a criterion for google adsense approval, but it is not that much anymore

Have you learned to be eligible now! Let’s move on then…

Our next section is also covering must perform checks before applying for Adsense. Actually, I call these things the major hurdles which should be removed first…

Google Adsense Approval: Provide Correct Information

Payee/Contact Name: Provide accurate and complete name.

Address: Provide your full address with comprehensive details as:

  • Street Address (including house number, street name/number, flat/apartment number)
  • City / Town
  • State / Area
  • Zip Code
  • Country / Territory

Email Address: Always provide valid email address. Your official AdSense communications will also be through this email ID.

Under Construction/Difficult Site Navigation: Complete your site’s navigation and other development tasks. Make it easy for the user as well as for Google.

Site Ownership: You must be the owner of the website for which you are applying Adsense.

The approval process requires the users to embed AdSense code in their site’s HTML, before completion. You’ll be able to do that if you are the owner of a site.

Unsupported Language: Google Adsense doesn’t support all the languages. So, make sure your website is using one of the languages listed below:

Chinese (simplified)HebrewRomanian
Chinese (traditional)HindiRussian
DanishItalianSlovenian *
Estonian *LatvianThai

Okay, guys! These were the things which should not be ignored in any case. I am sure you have got these points done for your website.

These are pretty easy, and most of you might have known all this.

But in case, you were not aware, hope has become now.

Now, let’s move further to look what are other dark things which will get your Adsense approved with more quickly.

We will be applying the necessary fix required!

I’ll take care of Google Adsense Policies while moving on further, so make sure to read all.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval?

Now, let’s dive in.

#1 Use Top Level Domain

We are starting our proceeding with the domain as it is the core element for most of the times.

Lots of people are using domains like .tk .ml and .ga etc.

They are getting AdSense accounts approved as well, but for me, it is something included in Black Hat methods.

So, I don’t recommend using these as I personally don’t…

TLP represents a Top Level Domain, which carries domains like .com .org .net etc.

I agreed if we use one of these extensions, then we’ll get our AdSense approved very quickly.

Some of the people are also using free domains and then apply for Google Adsense Approval.

For Example and etc.

It is a little hard to get approval on free blog domains. That’s why I always suggest using a paid top level domain.

#2 Use Responsive Design

For ensuring your Google Adsense approval, your site must have a responsive web design. Also, optimize your blog to increase actual user engagement.

It will also add to your search engine ranking.

What do I actually mean by response design? Not clear!

It is about using a responsive theme which is user-friendly as well. For that, you can even take a look at the public reviews about the theme you are using.

To check how user-friendly your site’s theme is, visit your site as a viewer rather than a developer.

And, if it looks fresh and attractive. You are right to move on…

#3 Use High-Quality Content

Before moving on must remember that I am exploring Google Adsense Approval policies for you. So, pay close attention to every sub-heading.

High-quality content is the leader of your website or blog for evergreen success. Not only the visitors but the Google itself loves the blogs and sites enriched with high-quality content.

Just try to think that your AdSense application will be reviewed by humans, and you will get approved only if you’ll be able to impress them.

Here is a checklist to ensure high quality of your content…

  • Unique And Original
  • With Proper Headings And Bullet Lists
  • Free From Spelling & Grammar Mistake
  • Long Enough
  • Useful & Informative

Always maintain the originality of the content, means no copy paste at all.

Even copying high-quality content to your website doesn’t mean you have done well.

You’ll surely get penalized, and of course, there is no chance for your Adsense approval on copied content.

#4 Must Have Important Pages

Newbies always ignore critical pages like About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy. These pages will not only help you to get Google Adsense approval but will also build trust in the eyes of your viewers.

These pages are your website’s authenticity factor for search engines like Google and Bing etc.

Just tell me!

How can anyone give you approval for anything if they have doubt on your authenticity?

Same is the case for AdSense application. If we don’t have these pages, Google will consider our website, a fake source.

In simple words, these pages will increase your website’s trust flow. It will confirm to Google that real person is managing this site.

#1 Privacy Policy

Having a good plan will help you to get Adsense approved because Google checks your system. It also identifies that you are not a scam and give a sense of serious business.

#2 About Us

Multiple benefits! Adsense approval and your visitors will also get to know you in a better way. It will guide them about your interests and passion related to your niche.

#3 Contact Us

Some of your readers may consider giving feedback only to you and not publically. They should have the option to reach you directly. So, it is the best to guide them to contact you more efficiently. It is a trust factor as well adding your chances to win an AdSense account.

#5 Index In Search Engine

Get your website indexed in Google search engine immediately as AdSense keeps a proper check on that.

So, I will suggest you, before submitting your request for Adsense send your application to Google for indexing your site’s URLs.

One more thing if you are getting organic traffic from Google, chances of Google Adsense approval increase exponentially.

And you can’t even think about getting organic traffic when your website is not indexed.

#6 Remove Other Ads

Yes! No one actually likes if you are marketing the products of their competitors.

Just in the same way, Google won’t like it if your site is running the ads by any other advertiser. So, it is the best to remove ads if any, before applying for Google Adsense approval.

#7 Avoid Prohibited Content

Adsense will not be approved if you are using some adult or gambling content on your site or even intimating these type of materials. So, it is better to stay away from these niches if you want to earn from Adsense.

#8 Alexa Rank

I have seen that Alexa also helps in getting Google Adsense approval, so try to boost your Alexa ranking.

Very simple step to boost is social bookmarking and social sharing.

#9 Do Some SEO

Yes! Complete your website’s white hat On Page SEO.

As SEO makes your site search engine friendly, it will be a great impression for getting Google Adsense Approval.

In case you want to know more about SEO, check out compact SEO Guide for Beginners.

So, these are the important points which we should remember.

But Wait because it is not the end yet!

Let me answer a few questions that you might think off.

How Much Content Is Required If It Is A Condition?

There isn’t any specific limit for minimum content. But the more content you have better will be the chances for approval.

I’ll suggest you apply for Google Adsense after having at least 10 to 15 high-quality posts.

What Is The Minimum Traffic Requirement?

Traffic is actually not mentioned in the criteria of Google AdSense approval. But again, having an impressive amount of real visitors will surely help you.

Actually, traffic can be considered a factor when you are applying from countries like India, Pakistan, and China, etc.  As it will make the approval easier for you.

What To Do If Your Application Is Rejected?

Okay, so you have done trying everything you could to get approved by AdSense. But still not getting approved. Well, It’s not the end of the world!

It’s Not Over Until I Win

Don’t lose hope. Take your time to fix the issues on your blog, mentioned by AdSense in rejection email and apply again. Remember, if you are disapproved, you can use again and again until you finally get approved by Google AdSense.

There’s no issue with that. Just use the same email account that you used for the first time.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now let start conversation one on one. Look follow all the above steps, write 15+ articles on your site fresh one don’t copy/paste from others Always keep in mind good content always work for you.

  1. Review the steps I have just mentioned.
  2. Develop your website (if you don’t have one already)
  3. Publish unique and high-quality posts (at least 15)
  4. Get some visitors
  5. Check for any lag as mentioned in this article
  6. Give yourself a try! Yes, go ahead and apply without any hesitation.
  7. If not approved, review the rejection email carefully.
  8. Remove the error and apply again.
  9. Don’t stop until you get success. Best of luck

Wrapping It Up

I hope everything is clear now and I am sure you’ll be successful if you will follow this guide.

Got any queries, suggestions or feedback, must comment below:

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Ali Haider

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